Finding the Right Natural Makeup Brand

natural makeupUsing makeup has been practiced since immemorial. There has been significant progress made when it comes to the manufacturing and availability of high-quality, natural makeup.

But when it comes to finding the natural makeup brands, there are lots to choose from. All beauty lovers should be aware that the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) does not regulate what kind of ingredients go into makeup products or the stickers that are placed on them. For instance, a lip gloss may be labeled “organic” or “all-natural,” but it could just be a marketing ploy. Manufacturers know that there is a greater demand for natural commodities these days, so they will do everything to convince customers that what they are selling is definitely natural. Sometimes these products only have about 10 percent “natural” ingredients with the rest are those horrible ingredients that are full of toxins that could be linked to Alzheimer disease and cancer.

So, how could you ensure that you are you are buying the best organic makeup? Here are the things that you should do.

First, you must read the label because the label says it all. You just need to be able to decipher between real “organic” and just fancy word play. Cosmetics should be considered natural if they have at least 70 percent organic ingredients with the product sticker listing up to three of these ingredients. This can become misleading because something that is otherwise toxic can list three “organic” ingredients although the amount may be small. It is possible that the product only has a few natural herbs, but is otherwise manufactured with synthetic ingredients. So, if you are looking for something that is more natural, it is best to see clearly if the products are “made with organic ingredients.”

Second, you can research it on the internet. If you have read the label and you still have doubts if the organic makeup brand is genuine, you can see what their status is like online. Do they have history on mislabeling? What is the rating for a product like foundation or lip gloss on Amazon and eBay? Have time to read some things about what other people are saying about the product or brand to get an essence of the good, the bad and the ugly.

And lastly, ask your friends on Facebook and Twitter what is the best organic makeup they are using. You will maybe get some candid, honest answers that will help you know what you want. Here is also a very good site that you can visit if you are really interested in getting more information about natural products. Just visit for more details.

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